Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Mubarak To....

Eid Mubarak to....well certainly not me. I remember the days when people who I barely knew outside of Ramadan and Eid wanted to go out for a family breakfast with my husband, kids and I. That doesn't happen anymore, and I should be grateful since there is no more phoniness, no more fake smiles and no more garbage. I've tried, I even started volunteering with a group of women, but even that has come to show that I'm only good for one thing...being available on demand to do things for the unorganized organization. I'm basically just a warm body. When Ramadan came around the organization fell silent, I sent out an email to everyone saying that I hope everyone has a blessed Ramadan etc and only two people responded to wish me the same. Now that Eid is here and I spent Ramadan alone I don't think I'll be wishing anyone a happy anything. I was expected to volunteer for an Eid party, but the way I see it, I'll be spending that time with the little people in my life, giving them my full attention and not having to be responsible for other peoples' children.  So Eid Mubarak, to who; no one I know personally, just Eid Mubarak.