Monday, January 21, 2013

The Muslims You Meet

I'm sure no one remembers who I am and that's OK none of you ever befriended me anyways. Maybe it was my strong objection to conforming to the stereotypical, "life never gets to me Muslim", or maybe it was because I'm not of your culture, or maybe it's because I'm not a new Muslim...I'm damaged goods and people like me are too late to save. It could also be because I've figured out that overly religious appearing people are usually not that religious, and that's how you like to act......oh yea I've figured you out, if you are so religious why didn't anyone help me when I needed it?!?!?!??!

My imam is at an all time low, my plans and hopes have gone down the toilet. Ideas for the mosque were trampled on, spit on and forever forgotten by old cultural men that run every aspect of the Muslim community here. I was let down time and time again, the one time I asked for help everyone disappeared, the help wasn't for me, but for the people in Syria. It's disgusting how materialistic people are but they can't throw $1 towards people who are suffering unless it's Ramadan.

I gave up wearing my head scarf last February. Yea say what you will, assume the worst of me, gossip about me and degrade me. After all, that's what people here did, I'm no longer welcome in the Muslim community, I was removed from all 5 of the community events email lists by someone who happily had some stranger pay off their credit card debt. Ain't that great. All I did was remove a 3 foot piece of cloth from my head, I didn't deny what I was doing was wrong, I didn't convert to another religion, I didn't cheat on my husband and I sure didn't kill anyone. Now if I belonged to one of the major cultural Muslim groups here, I could gamble, lie, cheat and steal and still be considered a Muslim, you might even want to help me improve my life. I'm white, I chose Islam and you've expected nothing but the best from me, despite being human, I'm not allowed to make mistakes, I must fall in line!

Tell me oh righteous and religious people of the world, where do you get off treating people like this? Excluding your "sister" in Islam......btw that word is severely abused. Shameful. Disgusting. You isolate people, dawa is not just for the non Muslims. As much as I worry for myself on the day of judgement I worry for the people who stand there as hypocrites and push others further and further from Islam.